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40 Days For Life in Council Bluffs

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The dates for the next coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign will be September 25 to November 3.



We will be asking for individuals or groups to sign up using our web site to peacefully pray in front of the planned parenthood across the street from us. Stay tuned for more information on this live-saving mission!



Father Weslin's 25 Year Anniversary

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Please come join us for Father Weslin's 25 Year Celebration of Priesthood in Council Bluffs at Mary Weslin Home.  Father Weslin will be back here in our area for this celbration.

Date: Sunday July 10th 3:00 PM beginning with Mass

Where: Mary Weslin Home 19117 Mynster Springs Road Council Bluffs, Iowa

Meat will be provided, bring your favorite dish

Father Weslin would prefer donations to Mary Weslin Home instead of gifts.

For more information, please Jean & Kathy Plourde 402-690-2905

Feel welcome to invite those who would know Father.

Thank you & God Bless!

Prolife Rally May 7th

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For Immediate Release

May 5, 2011

Contact: Jenifer Bowen

515.419.7246 Cell

Council Bluffs, Iowa—May 5, 2011—With pending pro-life legislation hanging in the balance, Council Bluffs residents are coming together again to ensure that Iowa does not become the late-term abortion capital of the Midwest.

A rally will be held this Saturday, May 7, at 10:30 am. Due to the expected crowd, this event will be held outdoors at Bayliss Park, in the Performance Space, 100 Pearl Street in Council Bluffs. Local speakers will be joined by Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa.

“With state-wide, bi-partisan support for the Late-Term Abortion Ban (HF 657), Iowans now recognize that with one statement from Senator Gronstal; “Yes, we will debate this bill”, this ban would ultimately become law”, stated Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life.

“Such a diverse, strong local leadership and grassroots voice should not be quelled by one man, their Senator, Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal. The citizens of Council Bluffs have worked unwaveringly, in unison, for months to keep a notorious late-term abortionist out of their city and ultimately out of our state,”

For More Information:

Jenifer Bowen

Executive Director

Iowa Right to Life

515.244.1012 Office

515.419.7246 Cell

877.595.9406 Toll Free

[email protected]


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Iowa needs the bill to ban late-term abortion to go to the Senate floor this week. Not convinced that late-term abortion is a bad thing? Watch this video of a late-term abortion being performed and judge for yourself:


URGENT- - We need your help today!

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Dear Pro-Life Friends:

I have just been in contact with Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa.The discharge petition has gained the required 26 signatures.It was presented with high drama to Mike Gronstal on the floor of the Senate by good Sen. Smith from Davenport.According to Rep. Hanusa, Sen. Smith asked Mike Gronstal three times if Mike Gronstal would allow the bill to go to the floor for debate: she said Sen. Smith asked Mike Gronstal three times for a yes or no.Mary Ann Hanusa indicated MIKE GRONSTAL READ THREE TIMES FROM A PREPARED STATEMENT, WHICH IS AMBIGUOUS WITH RESPECT TO ANSWERING THE YES OR NO QUESTION, REPEATED THREE TIMES BY SEN. SMITH.AT THIS JUNCTURE, IT APPEARS THAT MIKE GRONSTAL IS REFUSING TO ANSWER THE DIRECT QUESTION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT HE WILL COMMIT TO ALLOWING THE BILL TO GO TO THE FLOOR FOR DEBATE!!! This bill is eligible for debate this Thursday.

TELL SEN. MAJORITY LEADER MIKE GRONSTAL TO BE CONSISITENT WITH WHAT HE HAS SAID JUST DAYS AGO: Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Friday, April 29, 2011:“When a bill is filed, it becomes eligible to be placed on the Senate’s calendar, he said. Then, it’s up to the Senate floor manager to approach him when it would be ready for debate”, Gronstal said. “I have said I would not block debate on this,” Gronstal said of the ban.

This is in Majority Leader Sen. Mike Gronstal’s hands. We beg you, all hands on deck: MAKE A TELEPHONE CALL AND E-MAIL SEN. MIKE GRONSTALL NOW!!! TELL SEN. MIKE GRONSTAL TO BRING HF 657 TO THE SENATE FLOOR FOR VOTE!!!


Sen. Majority Leader Mike Gronstal contact info.:

Legislative Email: [email protected]

Home Phone: 712.328.2808

Home Address: 220 Bennett Ave, Council Bluffs IA, 51503

Business Phone: 515.281.4610

ANOTHER GRONSTAL OFFICE NUMBER: (515) 281-3901: this identified as his office.

Business Fax: 515.281.3361

We beg you, get this ACTION ALERT out to all of our lists of contacts!!! May God bless and protect all of our innocent unborn children!!!

Jon Anthony Jacobsen,

J.D.Senior Vice President - Trust & Investment

TS Bank, Treynor State Bank


Fax: 712.487.3475

[email protected]


40 Days for Life Starts This Week

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40 Days For Life Starts in a Week!


Go to


There is no way abortion or the industry will be defeated without thehelp of God.  If you really want to make a dent in the evil of abortionand help to end it, here is your chance.


40 Days For Life is a simple and well-organized prayer vigil that lastsfor 40 days starting September 23?November 1, 2009.  It takes placeall over the country in hundreds of cities.  Look for one near you at:


How the Program Works


If you choose to sign up, you will receive a daily devotional andprayer.  In addition, after you sign up to get updates, we willcontact you by e-mail to ask if you would like the opportunity to pray an houror two during the 40 day prayer vigil campaign.


The objective is to fill all 40 days, 24 hours a day with peoplepraying to end abortion.  Prayer can be done either in front of anabortion building or in your own home.  However, in order to fill eachhour, we ask that you contact us and let us know which hour(s) and day(s) youwill be praying so we can potentially fill every hour with someone. 


Why should you get involved?  Why not?  This is the mostpowerful act we can all do to end abortion.  It is God who has the powerto change hearts and draw people to Him.  It is God who will convict thesinner to repent. 


24 Hour For Your Church?ChooseA Day


You can also be the contact for your church and sign up for oneday.  It?s very simple.   Choose a day and let the peoplein your church know about the program by putting out the 40 Days For Lifeflyer.  Put a sign-up sheet in the lobby for people to choose?their? hour they will pray.  All materials are provided,including the bulletin announcement. 


Get Started: or e-mail Tina:  [email protected]








Church 24-hour sign-up schedule:


To schedule your personal prayer hour(s): Email Tina at:  [email protected]


To volunteer to help with 40 Days For Life:  [email protected] or 515.202.2517.


For More Information:

Kim Lehman

C 515.202.2517

[email protected]